Aftercare Products


outbackorganicsOutback Organics have launched the UK’s most comprehensive line of post-wax essentials, infused with the beauty and power of the Outback. Developed in conjunction with waxing specialist, these innovative products offer a solution to the most common problems associated with hair removal – skin irritation, ingrown hairs and spots. Many of the Outback Organics luxurious Australian botanical products contain either pure, organic tea tree oil or lemon myrtle oil – two of nature’s strongest known antiseptics and a wonderful natural remedy in the treatment of countless skin ailments, cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and minor infections.

The exotic Australian fruits and plants chosen to enhance the range are grown and harvested by indigenous people in the remote and often economically disadvantaged regions of Australia, respecting traditional culture and knowledge.  Outback Organics work with an Australian company who ethically source the botanical extracts used and support the indigenous people who collect, harvest and cultivate them.  The entire range is free from synthetic colouring and fragrances, parabens, SLS, SLES, lanolin, mineral oil and other harsh chemicals.  None of the products have been tested on animals.

BUSH BALM (100ml) £11.99

Instant soothing on delicate areas, this intensely moisturising balm quickly reduces redness and calms skin after hair removal. Aloe vera, allantoin and frankincense extract sooth sore skin, while shea butter and macadamia oil quench and deeply nourish. Bush Balm can be used between appointments to help prevent ingrown hairs and hydrate skin. Particularly suitable for sensitive areas such as the face and underarms, it’s great after intimate waxing or shaving.

POST WAX SPRAY (100ml) £8.99

Waxing can leave skin feeling sore, and unsightly spots may develop in the days following treatment.

This Post-Wax Spray helps treat common complaints that occur after waxing and shaving. Aloe vera and cucumber extracts are blended with Australian bush mint and menthol to cool and calm the skin, while the antibacterial effects of lemon myrtle oil protect against irritation by supporting the skin’s natural defenses.

Used on legs, back or underarms straight after waxing, it helps prevent ingrown hairs from developing and can be used at home for up to five days following treatment.

SKIN WASH (100ml) £5.99

This face and body wash with pure organic tea tree oil, mountain pepper extract and peppermint oil cleans the pores and helps eliminate bacteria that cause spots without stripping or drying the skin. The perfect face wash for anyone who prefers using a facial wash than a cream cleanser and a wonderfully refreshing shower gel. Oily skin is controlled and vitality is restored revealing fresher, more vibrant skin without leaving it feeling taught and dry. Perfect for everyday use.

HAND AND BODY LOTION (100ml) £5.99

This is a nourishing hand and body lotion rich in macadamia oil that quenches and soothes dry, itchy skin leaving it silky soft and deeply hydrated. With pure tea tree oil and anisata, it is perfect for everyday use and is safe and gentle enough to use straight after hair removal to help in the prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs.


bitofrouhWhen it comes to body exfoliation we often need a product that has a bit of roughness to achieve lovely smooth soft skin and the A BIT OF ROUGH wash cloth does just that!
These exfoliating wash cloths are made up of a mix of fibres that are gentle enough to use on your face and robust enough to exfoliate your whole body, removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin glowing, soft and smooth.
It’s really easy to use A Bit Of Rough wash cloth and there is no need for any chemicals or expensive exfoliating creams – simply use with your favourite skin care brand or product to achieve a really effective exfoliation.


Waxing is the most popular temporary hair removal treatment and often it’s recommended to follow a regime of exfoliation to keep skin spot free and to keep your freshly waxed skin soft and smooth. The great thing about these wash cloths is they can be scrunched up to use in one area or they are long enough to use on the back of the body. So guys no excuses for spots after that back wax treatment you can have A BIT OF ROUGH too!!