“I cycle a lot and usually shave my neither regions, but the prickly sensation when the hairs grow back is a nightmare. Have tried creams before but they are too eye watering to even think about using again! So I surfed the net and came across Lisa’s site. From the initial telephone conversation she put me completely at ease and the same when I arrived for my first appointment. I am now a regular client of hers. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough….she makes taking your kit off seem like the most natural thing in the world – no embarrassment she just gets on with it. Perfect results everytime!”
Mark. Harrogate

“Made me feel at ease instantly and made what could seem to be the most embarrassing situation ever, the most natural ever!”
Stuart. Harrogate

“My wife booked me in for a Back, Sac, and Crack wax for my birthday. I had thought about having it done before but was to be honest too embarrassed to do anything about it. My wife is already a customer of Lisa’s so she thought I should go to her, knowing how good she is at putting people at ease. Best thing I have done in a long time. It feels amazing and wasn’t as painful as I expected. Slight discomfort but truly worth it for the results.”
Steve. Leeds

“Fastest and most thorough Hollywood waxing I have ever had!”
Louise. Harrogate

“I initially went to get my back waxed before a holiday and was supposed to be a one off. However the way it was done and how much at ease Lisa put me, I now have it done regularly.”
Phil. Leeds

“I’m a bloke so I don’t do salons. Lisa’s place is ideal. No-one knows you are there! Perfect for me.”
Joe. York

“Meticulous attention to detail – verging on OCD….but in a good way!”
Matt. Harrogate

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