What is the procedure when I arrive?

If it is your first visit to Waxed Off, we will have a brief chat and you will be required to fill in a consultation form. I will answer any questions you may have and explain what I am about to do. I will then require you to undress in preparation for the waxing. If you are having an intimate wax you will need to be naked from the waist down. I can assure you I will endeavour to put you at your ease and in minutes you will forget about any embarrassment you might have felt. And let’s face it the first time is always the worst! I will then cleanse the area to be waxed, apply a small amount of oil to create a lipid barrier between the skin and wax. Then having applied the wax I will remove it quickly with as little discomfort as I can possibly manage. I will then apply oil, refreshing gel or soothing balm depending on the area…then Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt….all done!